2.5 Gallon Corny Keg Cooler Bag

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2.5 Gallon Corny Keg Cooler Bag

Presenting the CooBrewCorny 2.5G Mini Keg Cooler. The first and only cooler designed specify to take your 2.5G Corny keg on the go!

Specs for the CoolBrewCorny 2.5G Mini


-Sized for Corney 2.5G and Kegs as follows: 12”*18” (D*H) Inches. Extra room for ice or ice pack.

-Includes removable patent pending puncture proof bottom for extra durability.

-Durable flexible polyester exterior.

-Shoulder strap for easy transport.

-Zipper in top for easy access to tap and hoses.

-Eye catching design. No need to set your hard work in a bucket!

-Handles and shoulder strap for easy transport.

-Dual zipper access specifically designed for easy use with tap and CO2 lines.