Cascade Hop Rhizome

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Cascade Hop Rhizome

Looking to get more involved in building your own beer from the ground up? Looking to make a fresh hop beer this fall? Try growing your own hops right at home.

With each order of hops we also include detailed instructions for growing your own hops.


Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship rhizomes to AK, ID, HI, OR or WA.


Cascade is a high-yielding, floral American aroma type hops developed by the USDA breeding program in Oregon and released in 1972. These hops have a well-balanced bittering quality with low amounts of alpha acids. It is very tolerant to Downy Mildew but highly susceptible to aphids and tends to mature mid-season. The alpha acid content can fluctuate seasonally from environmental influences but the average alpha acid percentage ranges between 5-6%.

Cascade is traditionally a dual purpose hop, working well at all points during the boil. Cascade is great choice for any type of American ale or lager and is known for its distinct grapefruit tones.