Convertible Brewer's Buddy Brew System

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Convertible Brewer's Buddy Brew System

From a couple of home brewers to all of you current and aspiring home brewers, cheers! The Brewers Buddy was designed for our own home brewing endeavors and is now offered to you. With our convertible system, liquid can flow through the various steps of the brewing process without stopping the process. Utilizing either two or three burners at the same time, brewers can heat the hot liquor tank ( use of top burner) while heating the brew kettle (use of bottom burner). The platform in the middle is designed to hold the mash tun.


BB = Versatile!  Brew Extract Kits, all grain, brew in a bag, and up to 30 gallons of beer! Hell, you can even fry a turkey and cook some potatoes for Thanksgiving on the Brewers Buddy! It even has four sturdy wheels and handle so you can easily move it around. PLUS, yes there is a plus, you can easily take this from a tiered system to a level system OUT OF BOX 

BB = Super affordable!  It’s a fraction of the cost of competing brewing rigs on the market. Go ahead and find a more affordable, durable, effective product on the market. We dare you! (If so let us know!)

BB = Super Durable!  With 1.5 mm of steel for a sturdy design, a heat resistance of 800 degrees Fahrenheit and a load capacity of 500 pounds, this thing can withstand some hardcore brewing. It also has industry standard space between each propane tank and each burner and 3" between burner and pot to prevent high rising flames and potential melting/heating of valve handles. 

BB = Super Safe!  It is outfitted with wind shields on all burners to help prevent blow-out. We have included shut off valves to each burner with a 20 psi regulator. Additionally we have included brakes on the rotating wheels to prevent movement with a total height of just over 5'. Of course, we must add a disclaimer that you know you are operating this at your own risk. We advise doing so when you are mentally and physically alert, responsive and aware of your surroundings.

BB = Super Easy to use!  

Designed with the amateur brewer in mind as well, this platform is simple in nature with only three platforms, three burners, and a whole lot of room to customize for your own brewing initiatives! Make sure to read the manual for full operational instructions, tips and safety features.

Product Specifications: 60” x 66” x 20”

Assembly Required