FastFerment Beer Starter Kit

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FastFerment Beer Starter Kit

The Fast Ferment Beer Starter Kit is the easiest and most consistent way to start making your own beer at home!


This Kit Includes:

  • FastFerment Conical Fermentor -  A complete one-stage PET fermentor, which allows brewers to do primary and secondary fermentations in the same unit. With the 7.9 gallon conical shape and sealable connection ball, the FastFerment eliminates racking and transferring that is normally done with buckets and carboys. The unit itself has a large (6") removable screw top that allows the brewer to easily get inside and clean the conical. Also comes with 2 wall mounting brackets and mounting anchors so you can hang your FastFerment up on the wall.
  • Double Lever Capper-  An easy-to-use twin handled capper that is used on bottling day. Place the cap into the magnetic bell on the capper. With the filled bottle on a solid, sturdy surface, lower the bell and evenly push downward on the handles to crip the cap in place.
  • Star San 4 oz.-  A high-foaming, acid anionic, no-rinse sanitizer. Easy to use in a measurable squeeze bottle.
  • Triple Scale Hydrometer-  A glass laboratory instrument with a color-coded scale to measure specific gravity, i.e., fermentation. Hydrometer readings are critical to getting your beer started properly and monitoring the fermentation until the desired final gravity has been achieved. Hydrometer readings are temperature dependent meaning you MUST know the temperature of the wort or beer which you are measuring in order to record an accurate reading. Detailed manufacturer's instructions are included with the Triple Scale Hydrometer.

    Tip: Calibrate your hydrometer in 60° distilled water. If it does not read 1.000 then record the +/- points it reads. When you take readings in the future, adjust
    the number of points to calibrate the hydrometer back to 1.000.

  • Plastic Spoon-  A plastic spoon for mixing extracts into your boil kettle, stirring wort, and mixing priming sugar into your bottling bucket.
  • Bottle Brush-  A 12" brush used to scrub the inside of your bottles.
  • Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer-  A thin, black strip with adhesive backing. Affix the thermometer onto the outside of your primary fermenter to monitor fermentation temperatures.