Stainless Steel Fliptop Growler - 1 Liter

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Stainless Steel Fliptop Growler - 1 Liter

Ain't no beer growler like a stainless steel growler cuz a stainless steel growler don't break. Ya heard? This growler's durable stainless steel construction is virtually unbreakable and has undergone passivation to ensure that it doesn't impart any funky flavors to your brew. The one liter size makes it perfect for a picnic, a hike, a day on the boat, or anywhere else. The convenient swing top has a food grade silicone seal to create an airtight seal that keeps your beer, water, or other beverage free from debris or accidental spills and the elegant, slim design makes it easy to grip it and rip it. Leave your glass beer growler behind. Step up to the modern age of drinking with the help of this stainless steel beer growler!