Tres Equis

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Tres Equis

ABV: 5.6, IBUs: 25, SRM: 4

Strange Brew's Tres Equis is a light, easy-drinking Mexican-style lager. The beer pours a very light straw gold color with a brillantly white head. The aroma has a faint malty sweetness and the flavor is a light blend of malt and hops. As is standard with a traditional American Pilsner, this recipe ferments with a lager yeast. So a lager fermentation will be required. This beer also benifits from an extended lagering period.

This kit includes grains (crushed for your convenience), hops, yeast, bottle caps, priming sugar, irish moss, a muslin bag, and malt extract (if the kit is an extract kit). Each kit is put together when you order to ensure you are brewing with the freshest ingredients possible. Complete and easy to follow instructions are included to help you along on brew day. Note: this product is only an ingredient kit. Additional equipment is required, and available separately.